About me


Dr Claire Mason

Originally trained in quantitative and experimental research, I gradually discovered that there was another way to do research.  I love talking to people - asking questions, reflecting on their answers, encouraging them to think more deeply and gradually becoming excited about what might be done to make things better. 

Research through stakeholder engagement is effective in supporting social change for the following reasons:

  • By capturing input from all stakeholder groups, insights and ideas shift from being simplistic to holistic
  • As you gather data, as you ask questions, listen and reflect, you are also building the relationships and connections through which to effect change
  • Stakeholders have individual perspectives and interests but as humans we share the same core values and needs. By engaging one-on-one and building deeper connections, we find the the shared values that serve as the foundation for collective action. 

My passion lies in building connections with people, bringing together the different their perspectives and creating the energy and social capital to support positive change in the world. 


More info:

I live in Brisbane. I love my home town but I also like travelling.

I completed my PhD at the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland where I was awarded a University Medal, the Australian Psychological Society Prize and the Henry Law Prize.

I have two children and I love walking, gardening and making things. I am also very fond of cheese and magaritas.

I've published more than twenty papers in international, peer-reviewed journals, served on the editorial board of Group and Organization Management and was the Organizational Behaviour Editor for the Australian Journal of Management.

Our four person family lives in a two-bedroom unit complete with two bikes and a worm farm on our balcony.

While working at the CSIRO, QUT and the University of Queensland I've delivered projects for (amongst others): 

  • Jobs Queensland
  • TAFE Queensland
  • Federal Department of Employment
  • Queensland Treasury
  • Queensland Health Pathology and Scientific Service
  • Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation
  • Department of Human Services
The SER&I Mission

Revealing and connecting divergent perspectives to facilitate insight and innovation